Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my pen?

Dip the whole nib into any kind of ink. Skim off the rest to your inkstand and you can start to write.

How long can I write with one dip?

Your writing style, the row pitches and the font sizes will effect the writing range. A completely full pen is nearly enough to fill an A5 paper. (Approximately 1500 cm. line)


What will I do after I finish writing?

After you finish writing, place your pen on the small glass (or wood in sets) holder which you get with your pen.


What kind of ink shall I use?

To write with glass dip pens, any brand of fountain-pen ink works perfect. These inks are water-based. In your next use, the ink in the tines will dissolve and the tines will fill with ink again. If you use this kind of ink, it won’t be necessary  to clean your pen every time. (Take a look at “How can I clean my pen?” tips below)


Can I use India ink, Tusche ink or soot ink?

Your glass dip pen is not appropriate to use soot ink but you can use Tusche, India ink or gold and silver metallic ink. In this case we recommend you to clean it right after you finish writing.


How can I clean my pen?

If you use fountain-pen ink or if you use your pen often, you don’t need a special cleaning. If you think you won’t be using it for a long time, holding your pen under water a few seconds is enough. If you wish to make a script or drawing by using different colours, before you refill your pen with the new colour, dip your pen into a glass of water and dry it afterwards with a paper towel. Your glass dip pen is also available to clean in the dish washing machine. But please make sure the propeller of the machine does not touch your pen.

If you want to use Gold or Silver metallic ink and the ink sticks to the tines, you can use an old toothbrush or a detergent which can dissolve the ingredients of the ink.


What can I do if my pen gets broken?

Your pen is made of massive crystal glass and it is pretty enduring. But glass is eventually glass and it’s fragile. If it breaks for any reason, you can write us at and we would ask you to follow our directions.


How can I order my glass dip pen?

If you wish to order a glass pen for yourself or as a present, send an e-mail at: . It is posible to send via shipping to anywhere in Turkey or the rest of the world.


What can I do for any further questions? 

For further questions, you can send us an e-mail at and ask what you wish to know more about glass dip pens.



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