Calligart, which started its glass dip pen work in Berlin in 2004, continues work since 2013 in Turkey. Calligart, which offers its glass dip pens and glass ink holders, produced in the Akyaka studios, to your liking, enables growth of new glass artists by organizing workshops.

Turkey’s first glass dip pen and glass ink holder manufacturer, Calligart, uses glass specially obtained from Thüringer Wald, Germany and Murano, Venice, Italy.

These special glasses in the hands of Calligart artists;

reach their final form with care, technical mastery and artistic enthusiasm, and are offered to your liking.

Glass Dip Pens and Glass Ink Holders;

Are an artistic writing set consisting of the unity of glass, fire and colours. It will not be enough to have it on your desk; you will want it to bestow it on your friends.

Calligart products, except being artistic and exclusive, bring beauty in your life.

Being handmade makes each product yet again unique and special to you.

The ‘Camber Tip ‘form developed by Calligart, makes it possible to write a Din A5 size page with dipping into the ink only once.

The glass ink holders, however, offer, besides rising with winding beauty from the dance between fire and glass, an elegant and compact picture with their design holding the glass dip pen.

Glass dip pens; with their ergonomic structure provides your hand a comfortable and easy grip.

Calligart ensures a lifetime warranty for glass dip pens and glass ink holders.

The even tip, gained after long years of experience, ensures a remarkable smooth and fluent writing comfort.

The tasteful world of glass that we formed with the ancient magic of the fire awaits you.



Glass Foundry, Istanbul

CerModern Design Market, Ankara

Denizli Glass Biennale, Denizli

Cappadox, Cappadocia

Mythodea, Brokeloh, Germany

Kaltenberg Knights’ Tournament, Kaltenberg, Germany

Peter and Paul Festival, Bretten, Germany

Hamburg Christmas Fair, Spitaler Str., Hamburg, Germany





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